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UFOs and Aliens - Beyond Humanity Ep10 - Congress to act. the latest on Alien Disclosure

How much does the Vatican know about Aliens? Why is Bill Clinton visiting the Vatican?

Beyond Humanity Live Recording and Broadcast Summary Welcome to Beyond Humanity. 19:36 Introducing matt ready, host of the mindful activists podcast. Super genius of the week. Bernadette byrne is a hero. Major committees agree to bipartisan language on the bill. How long will the bill be in effect? 24:52 60 days from January 1 to fully inform arrow. The importance of disclosure. Grish went public with his theories. A bit of gallagher from the mcafee podcast. Closed session on the intelligence authorization act. List of co-conspirators in the media embargo. How many times in your life do you get to do something that saves the world? 30:48 Support disclosing what humanity needs to know. Gillibrand, rubio and gallagher are showing courage and leadership. Treating Canada like a military operation in the us. Canada is part of the biggest scandal. Senator Gillibrand gets funding for the government office on UAPs. 36:11 Gillibrand secures strong funding for government office on UFOs. Funding and money cutting. The greatest secret in human history. The unacknowledged documentary, independence day. A great primer to get people up to date. Funding of science and science. The Manhattan Project never ended, it was just what they did. 45:01 Oppenheimer movie coming out soon. The manhattan project never ended, ever. Corruption and outsourcing to US companies. US government is planning a fake alien invasion. The US government has fake crafts, not aliens. 49:56 The competing narratives of the us government and aliens. Aliens are friendly, not evil. Bob lazar is pushing for a non-hostile view of aliens. The ufo-ology community hates greg greer and lazar. How george knapp got involved in the disclosure project. How to minimize the Twitter space. What if disclosure means you’re going to realize there’s no privacy? 57:35 The nature of reality and the nature of our universe. What if there is no privacy. The ice cube station in antarctica is a neutrino detector. Neutrinos in the universe. Neutrino detecting stations in Antarctica and elsewhere. 1:02:22 Everyone else is building their own neutrino detecting stations. We're desperate for anyone on earth to think. Neutrino detector can see everything in the universe. End of privacy might not exist. If you believe in God, you already believe everything you do is being watched. 1:06:16 Everyone who believes in god is perfectly good. The difference between being an all-powerful god. The question every religion and clergy needs to answer. Gravity wave and neutrino detectors. The importance of getting this information out in the open. 1:11:41 Election of leaders who are ready to lead in a different world. Europe's space agency. The first report from the neutrino detector. The discovery club nasa might have a map. Astronomers believe there may be a vast strange planet beyond Neptune that has not yet been found. 1:15:58 Astronomers searching for a new planet beyond neptune. Scientists have discovered a possible new planet. Big planet or black hole in crazy elliptical orbit. Every 12,000 years there is a disaster scenario. Nibiru, a giant planet or black hole that could fit the bill of Nibiru. 1:21:00 The mythological planet nibiru and the asteroid belt. Asteroid belt created by nibiru. A giant lit up planet coming straight into our solar system. The ice cube station and how it could be used as an energy weapon. lou elizondo is getting close to publishing his book. 1:27:08 lou elizondo is getting close to publishing his book. Commander flavor and ryan graves are coming forward. Woman on a plane, psychic and reptilian on board. Vegas alien story. Reptilian alien on an airplane in vegas. DNA genetic researcher claims access to alien bodies. What’s going to happen if this post is true. 1:33:08 Scientists using reddit as a disclosure tool. Kennedy Jr becoming the ultimate hero candidate. Biden wants to run for president again. Biden and Obama have a secret plan. Rfk jr vs trump in a debate. Rubio is a former presidential candidate. Our call to action for today. 1:41:14 Call to action today, not under alien control. Petition for elected leaders on earth. Sleeping is coming back to the private sector. Transistors,fm and transistorfm. UFOs and aliens in front of the name. Google podcasts and iTunes. Getting higher up in the rankings. Local port townsend television.


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