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Terms & Conditions

Across all of our games and websites, New Perspective, LLC encourages our visitors, registered users, and community members to be respectful of others. Abuse and harassment are never acceptable. By playing our games and visiting our websites you agree of the following:


You are responsible for all communication and messages sent through your account. In text, links, voice and other methods of communication you may not incite hate of any kind, be vulgar or act in ways that can be offensive to others. This includes but is not limited to hate speech and discriminatory language, obscene or disruptive language, or the use of our communication to arrange for violence of any kind. Threatening or harassing other people is always unacceptable, regardless of the language used. Violating any of these expectations can result in account restrictions or loss of access to our services.


Usernames, in-game names, avatars, outside images, and profile pictures are subject to the same rules established above. Any name or account that violates our standards or disrupts the community will be changed and can result in account restrictions or loss of access to our service.


Cheating in any fashion, such as using third-party programs to automate any facet of the game, exploiting bugs, or engaging in any activity that grants an unfair advantage cannot be tolerated. Likewise, scamming, account sharing, win-trading, and anything else that may degrade the gaming experience for other players can result in account restrictions or loss of access to our service.


Behavior that intentionally detracts from others’ enjoyment, such as griefing, is unacceptable. We expect our players to treat each other with respect and promote an enjoyable environment. While we encourage you to report players that are behaving in a disrespectful manner, falsely reporting another player with the sole intent of restricting their gameplay is also unacceptable and can result in account restrictions.


You may not sell, buy, trade, gift, or otherwise transfer your player accounts through any means or method, including by use of websites or brokers. The creation alternative (‘alt’ or ‘smurf’) accounts, for any purpose, including but not limited to bypassing or misleading either the community or disciplinary actions taken by New Perspective, LLC is strictly prohibited.


These Rules of Conduct and Terms of Service are subject to change and are in conjunction with any other agreements the Publisher of our games, as well as the platform holders, may have.




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