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The Vortex

Simulation - Free

Open Communication for all

A Steam game, The Vortex, is a welcoming social environment. The facilitation system ensures all people have an equal opportunity to speak.

The Vortex is intended to be the safest and most elegantly designed audio discussion space in the metaverse and beyond.

Every vortex room is facilitated by a robotic laser facilitator that operates the discussion circle. Visitors to any vortex room will see a circle of stones in the center where they can sit if they wish to participate in the discussion rounds. Participants are each given an equal amount of time to speak and they can pass without speaking or whenever they are finished. The microphone rotates automatically, so no human needs to “warn” or “facilitate” people if their time is almost up.

All vortex circles have 12 stones for up to 12 active participants. Additional people can be in the room as audience members. Audience members can press a button to get in line for the next available open stone.

Users may create their own vortex rooms where they can change the amount of time per person to speak. The creator of every room has the ability to pin and change messages such as topics on a virtual display board in the room if they wish.


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