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Beyond Humanity- Episode 11: RFK Jr.'s views on alien control and CIA

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

Navigating Through Deception: A Deep Dive into UFO Disclosure, Political Powerplay, and the Role of Media

In the latest episode of Beyond Humanity, host Matt Ready delves into some of the most pressing questions around UFOs, political machinations, and media's role in shaping our understanding of these phenomena. Weaving through the intricacies of government secrets, he provokes listeners to challenge their perceptions and question mainstream narratives.

Matt begins by raising the stakes of his analysis: he is among the few elected officials asserting he is not under alien control. As bizarre as this might sound, it sets the tone for his compelling exploration of the intersections between politics, the UFO phenomena, and media influence.

One of Matt's major discussion points centers on Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s upcoming testimony to Congress about government overreach and censorship, which is set to take place a week before major UFO hearings. Expect to hear about RFK Jr.'s views on alien control and CIA. Matt presents a bold hypothesis that former President Obama might have strategically orchestrated these events to bring about a change in leadership, with Kennedy as the key figure.

The premise is provocative: is there a meticulously planned narrative unfolding? Is there a potential for the conversation on censorship to segue into more controversial topics, such as the CIA's alleged role in JFK's assassination and the UFO phenomena? Matt speculates on a chain of events that could drastically shift public perception and understanding of our history and governance.

Matt expands his analysis into the realm of media, accusing various media outlets, including NPR, The Washington Post, and CNN, of being complicit in what he calls the "greatest deception in human history". According to Matt, their silence on certain subjects reveals a coalition controlled by the 'Secret keepers', which prompts listeners to question the credibility of these media giants.

As he delves deeper into the subject, Matt posits the necessity of other AI models to help the public sort through reality, in contrast to the most publicly used AI—Chat GPT—controlled by Microsoft, whom he implicates in the group of 'Secret keepers'.

Drawing parallels between vaccination and the process of rooting out corruption, Matt stresses the need for the injection of truth and the eradication of deception within our societies. The 'vaccine' in this context is information and transparency, which he views as key to battling the manipulation of narratives by powerful forces.

He ends the podcast on a speculative note regarding the roles of the 'Five Eyes' alliance and Israel in global politics, referencing a recent interview with Benjamin Netanyahu. Matt interprets Netanyahu's assertion that Israel is the 'sixth eye' as a hint towards Israel's inclusion in this intelligence alliance and their access to advanced alien technology.

In a world veiled by half-truths and misinformation, Matt Ready's Beyond Humanity serves as a catalyst for critical thinking. His conversations encourage listeners to question what they know and understand, pushing for a society informed by evidence and rationality rather than blindly following controlled narratives. While his theories may seem far-fetched to some, they provide a unique perspective that stimulates debate and introspection, urging us all to become active participants in our collective journey towards truth.

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